Welcome to Our Blog

indexGood morning and welcome to our space.  Here you’ll find a maid, a dry cleaner, a teacher, a life coach, a career counselor, a nurse, a personal assistant, and home office manager.  You’ll find a crafter, a cook, a data analyst, an illustrator, an honor student, an economist, a sarcastic friend, a know-it-all, a photographer, a poet, a wine snob, a bourbon enthusiast,  a dog lover, an equestrian,  a stay-at-home mom, a church goer, a band director’s wife, and an oilfield spouse. Additionally, you’ll find a butcher, a baker, and a candlestick maker – you know, just for good measure.

But what we prefer to be called is Jennifer & Stella. We’re all those things above, but we’re people. Those things above are just parts of who we are, and as friends who have a massive passion for writing and expression, we wanted to open up this space to writing about everything we enjoy about being in this crazy, mixed-up world.

With time, you’ll find that you’re invited into our homes, to our kitchen tables and along on our travels. We want you to enjoy the products we have found work for us – both on and off the playground. We want to share the books we’re reading and the movies we’re enjoying.  Projects around the house, kid craft fun and pinterest fails will be shared for the world to judge! We’re fearless that way, aren’t we?

That said, when we talked about becoming blogging buddies, it was super important to not latch ourselves into “being moms”.  Yep, we’re both moms and it’s natural to share our rollercoaster of parenthood with you, but it’s not our only box that we live in.  It’s our underlying need to insure that this space is for everyone, and has a little something for anyone who wants to become involved.  Plus, if you’d like to guest write for us, drop us a note, we love new friends!

Enjoy this space, we already are!

Photo Credit: Westinghouse, WordCloud

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