Motherhood Moment: You Get this Picture

iphone portland san antonio 306

Sometimes you need to have your son take you on a date while your husband is at his convention and you just want a slice of pizza before you start your 21-Day Fix diet when vacation is over. So you go shopping, showing toys and colorful scarves and having fun through the entire trip in the hopes that you’re gonna get to sit down, and breathe.

Wait. You try and sit down. You balance the baby bag, your purse, the stroller, the baby who’s talking to anyone around.  You get the hostess who clearly has sleep but no idea about what it means to sit at a 2 person table, with a baby sitting across from you. A GRABBY baby sitting across from you out of your reach.

So looking a few moments ahead, you ask the hostess upon her begrudging return with the high chair if you could please move to that table of four so you can sit next to your child. She looks as if it’s blasphemy for 1 “whole” person (babies must not count) to inhabit a table, despite the empty restaurant. But then you stare back and take it anyway.

You throw Junior into the chair, whip your purse into the chair next to you, and proceed to order the house wine and serve up the appetizer of the day: Cheerios. Your kid is happy. Momma’s happy. Life ends up okay after all. (And the pizza, not too shabby either!)


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