Fashion Faux Pas – A New Feature

Okay, so, I shop online. Alot. I have an amazing confidence that the measurements on the website ACTUALLY mean sometimes. Most of the time they do, and the trust that I put in those merchants to insure that usually pays off in a deep discount from what I’ll buy in a store — and save in sanity when trying to look at myself a) post baby body and b) with an actual kid staring at me.

With that said, sometimes, I find things online, that despite being on a very obviously thin (maybe too thin) model, just shouldn’t be worn, by anyone, ever.  This little spot of the interwebs will highlight that, while keeping the purveyors innocent. That said, should you find my opinion completely wrong, I implore you to write me, ask about the fashion, I’ll respond, you buy it and make the best outfit you can.

Until then, first up. The below.

Unless you are checking into a hospital, preparing for baptism in order to not ruin your clothes, or going to your annual Well Woman check up, DO NOT wear the below.


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