How I Hacked a GoPro for Less than $15

So, I wanted to see what my kid and dogs were seeing. Plus, being a photo geek, I always want different tech for my camera bag to pick from. While I’m not heavy into videography, I’m slowly seeing myself creeping into it more because of how active my kid is getting.

That said, I can’t find hundreds of dollars to do justice to the GoPro lifestyle that some of my friends have launched into. Maybe once we get out of formula, diapers and daycare. (and you know, become independently wealthy.)

Anyhoosies, that said, I kept thinking, “You know, my cell phone camera isn’t that bad.” I find myself using it for all of our short family videos. Plus, alot of the reviews of the GoPro or cheaper Polaroid Cube talk about run time. I don’t need tons of run time, I’m already overly self-conscious about how many pictures of my family I put on facebook, let alone how many minutes of streaming video I need of him trying “people food” for the first time.

Then in the Target dollar aisle I saw a clip to put your phone on the ac vent in your car and that got me thinking, “I wonder if they make cell phone tripod mounts”…you know what, sure enough – I found one!  Not only was it easy to use, but it’s universal, so I can use my husband’s IPhone or my own Samsung depending on who’s is handiest, because you know how fleeting those moments are!

But then, it’s just a mount right. So sure, I can use this with all my little and big tripods for photography, but what if I want a way to take it myself? Well heck batman, here’s a CLIP ON TRIPOD MOUNT! Can you believe it? I know! Right?  It’s for real!

So now, I can put this on my kid, my dog, my shoulder strap, etc! Also, you can probably come up with a million other ways to use this .GoPro has chest mounts, and hat mounts. I will caution you, this isn’t going to get you the action-packed-perfection that the GoPro or Polaroid Cube is going to gain you.

But, that said, you get what you pay for. For $15, this got me a first-person view and an easy modification without spending a ton of cash.

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