How Do You Collect Your Thoughts?

I have about a million thoughts running through my head at any given moment. What did I need to add to the grocery list that my husband mentioned this AM? Don’t forget to get that list of work to Tom at work. Hey, that idea I saw on Pinterest, don’t forget to run by the craft store and pick up the letters I needed. Did I send the birthday invitations already? Heck, did I order them? Oh! Here’s a nice little line to remember to put into your novel. Should I try some new anti-aging cream? Look a few up or ask on facebook. Did I set a time for the Wine Club to meet next month?

I usually have a written list, or at least pieces thereof, so that I can remember to do something “that night”. Likewise, we use the Cozi App so that we can keep our grocery list and I’ve delegated the responsibility of my husband to add what he needs to that so we can combine our efforts at remembering.  But then I also find myself using Pinterest to keep ideas for birthday crafts, dinner recipes, diet notes, etc….which causes me to have to go in to the website, and basically add to my to – do list the actual items. Then I use our Outlook Calendar, to keep the numerous work schedules, recreation schedules and “need to do’s” so that I insure we have time for everything in our busy family life. In the cracks, I find myself sending myself emails, using post its, or just plain repeating stuff to myself until it sticks to my synapses.

But I feel like as organized as I am about this, that there should be a better way. I feel like I have 4 or 5 o 6 different systems running everything, when I could have one place to review and keep what I need. Almost a “Pinterest on Hyperwarpspeed” if you will.

How do you keep yourself organized? How do you keep your family organized? How do you cut overspending and overextending yourself via these methods?

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