Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke and the decline of American Camelot


I am politically independent. But given that it’s election season, and the myriad of atrocities that have come from BOTH sides of the aisle, let’s just take a moment. How did we get from the age of Ladybird Johnson and Jackie O to…..singing Beyonce on the Late Late Show with James Corden?

Now, I’ll recognize that in the past, the First Lady of the White House (especially in the era of those aforementioned women) – that men and women still had pretty separate roles in the household – White House or not.

Women back then were made to chose the china, outfit the parlors, speak at luncheons for the Daughters of the American Revolution. Then came Woodstock, women’s lib and the Feminist Movement.  So sure, while I’m getting more and more freedoms bestowed upon me, I can’t help but think that while the First Lady should definitely be more on the side of the President than standing behind him, there’s still a particular decorum that the role(s) should emit.

It’s great that they can be “everyday” people. But let’s not be every day on TV, or in the media. I love a good human interest story, but when you turn our government – who has the keys to the nuclear missiles and social healthcare system in their hand, do you mind maintaining the dignity and honor that my vote bestowed on them?

I know that the Obama Team is on their way out, but this isn’t the first time that a President or Cabinet staff have participated in the mainstream silliness like the above. The Obama Team is far from the only folks, again, regardless of party. I want to see my government governing, and being prestigious and fastidious about their outward view of who I, their constituency, think they portray.

Don’t sing Beyonce, sing the praises of your electorate. Act like you are Presidential, not my entertainment. Govern society, do not socially govern.

Banner Photo Credit: BBC, Video: YouTube via the Late Late Show with James Corden.


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