Barcelona: The Markets

This week I needed some good memories to get me through. Ever have those weeks?

That said, this recent article by Saveur about the markets in Barcelona took me back to my trip there a few years ago.

What initially grabbed me about the article were the pictures. Being a photo bug, I always love looking at how others place their frame, their subjects, etc…but these in particular made me feel special. Because it feels like they are my own – or at least so similar that I felt myself scrolling back wondering if somehow they were mine – in a parallel universe.

In both of my trips to Spain and Italy, the markets were where I really felt my sense of grounding and peace. There is something about seeing people in mundane places – parks, school, grocery stores/markets, that makes me feel like I’m getting a sense of who they are and how their culture works.

These photos are priceless to me. I find my insides churning when I’m photographing people. I feel like I’m taking something from them that is theirs to tell. I keep waiting for someone to look up and tell me to get out of their face. (When it’s appropriate and I’m up close, I tend to ask if it’s okay.) That said, it still feels so nice to have a photograph of a moment in their life story.


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