Okay, I’ll admit it, I like to scrapbook. I like to write books, I like to archive, I like to keep memories organized. When I found out I was pregnant, I nested like many moms, but I also started doing the Pinterest thing about how to organize children’s massive amount of memories.

My name is Stella, and I’m a storage solution junkie. I wanted to make sure I had a way to keep all of the things that moms keep for their children, but to do it in a way that had meaning and “a place” in our home. I made myself a resolution that I would properly record those items that I’m keeping and why, so that one day when my son gets his own home, and he takes his things, that he understand the meaning of them.

So all those little overalls, or blankies, and now first birthday party knick-knacks – I’ve taken the time to write them down in small batches rather than waiting until he gets older and trying to tackle the task. I try to find an hour sit down and make sure that I don’t become overrun with all of the wee guy’s stuff.

Once a month I take all of the “special items” and take quick photographs of them. This doesn’t have to be crazy professional. I had a leftover 16×20 canvas from a pack that I’d bought – I put that plain white background on the floor and start putting things on it, and taking pictures. Then I download them and start using my favorite online-anything-of-all-time, Mixbook.

They aren’t paying me or anything to say this: I love Mixbook. GO THERE: NOW.  (Wait, finish reading this post first, k?)

Yep, it’s takes a little bit of time out of my day – but I schedule my Monday lunch time at work each week to take the photos from the month, upload them to Mixbook and write a paragraph about what the object is and why it’s special.

I have three books that I do this for. I keep one for his artwork – I don’t usually write in this one, I just take pictures of all the art, and will end up weeding the “less special ones” out later, but this way I can keep them all somewhere! Then I keep one for our Christmas ornaments. As we’ve only been married a few years, I know the origin of most of our family ornaments. Assuming one day that we’ll pass these down to my son, I like to have a story of where we got it and why it’s on our Christmas tree.  Finally, the one that takes most of my lunch hour is the “special things” – these are the onesies that I can’t bear to donate, the teddy bears or toys that are beyond recognition after being loved to death, the first birthday candle that I’ve preserved. That way, as I pack these items away in storage, I can include their reasons in a book that I can print later.

I also use Mixbook for our yearly photo albums, travel books and doing some of my own picture books that I’ve put together for my kiddo. It’s very simple to use and they have many sales that make sure the books don’t break my budget. The platform is extremely simple to use, and it’s great to keep a log without having to pull out all of the scissors, glue, tape, stickers and machines that I used to do when I was younger, and had more energy, and time, and naps…yeah, you know, my youth.

So please enjoy this site, make your memories, and then use this to make sure you pass them on!


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