City Planners or Sadists?

Driving around Houston and the surrounding suburbs, I often wonder if city planning meetings for road construction go a little something like this…

City Planner 1: We have road work scheduled for FM 1960, West Lake Houston Parkway, and Kingwood Drive before the end of the year.

City Planner 2: What are our options?

City Planner 1: We could work on one road in small sections and then move onto the next road.

City Planner 2: Nope. Too sensible. How can we frustrate the most people?

City Planner 1: Well, we could dig up every road simultaneously, which would affect every resident in a five mile radius…ten mile radius if we plan it right.

City Planner 2: Perfect! Let’s do that. Look! Road construction was the final agenda item. We can adjourn the meeting early. What should we do now?

City Planner 1: Wanna’ go to the park and play kickball with a basket of puppies?

City Planner 2: Hey, you don’t have to ask me twice. Count me in!

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